For a better future

We have always been a cooperative, ever since we were founded in 1975. Today, despite having more than 300 employees, the values Sakana Group held when starting out on this adventure have remained unchanged: commitment, responsibility, corporativism, equality and solidarity.

A cooperative?
What makes us different?

We all have decision-making capacity in terms of the cooperative’s future

In cooperatives people come first, and this is how we ensure commitment to a common goal by all partners.

We are all involved in economic management

All members are involved in the cooperative’s progress and in defining its strategy.


We invest a lot of time and resources around in-house training for all posts. Because we care about people and their personal and professional development.

Social transformation

We work for the sustainable development of the local community through measures adopted among all partners.

Some figures


We spend more than 8.500 hours a year forming. Safety and the environment are two of the areas we spend the most hours on.


We allocate 5% of our profits to social, cultural and sports works and the development of the area in which we are located.