Safety, health and environment

Prevention: Safety and Health is everyone’s thing

Prevention and safety at work is a priority for SAKANA S. COOP. In order to make our products in a reliable way, they are made on the basis of safety and health procedures. Each one of the people that constitute SAKANA has a commitment to ensure the safety, health and labor welfare of their own and others. For this reason, we are in process of obtaining the ISO 45001.
The efforts of SAKANA S. COOP are centered in a continuous reduction of the risks that the people are exposed to and to provide continuous safety and health training to our workers, verify the compliance of safety rules in order to control and avoid accidents.

Environment Sustainable surroundings

We bet on combining the development of our company’s activity with the maximum environmental protection and for that we promote constantly supervising all our processes that affect production. For this we have a certificate to conform the Environmental Management System Standard (ISO 14001).

Main lines of work: environmental sustainability

Foot Carbon CO2

For SAKANA S. COOP we consider essential the protection of the environment, for this we carry out a thorough control and maintenance of atmospheric emissions, working on continuous improvement. For this we are in process of obtaining the carbon footprint.

Reduction of waste


SAKANA S. COOP is committed to the reduction of the waste we generate, being the recovery of sand in 2021 around 97%. In 2021, 99,5% of dangerous wastes have been valued. We continue to work on different projects in order to reduce and value waste.

Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate ISO 14001