Comprehensive Service

We take care of everything

Collaborative design with the customer, including casting, machining, painting, packaging and transport: we take care of everything. But before starting work, we provide advice on designing and creating the prototype and planning for mass production.

Benefits of integrated management

  • We eliminate intermediate storage
  • We improve delivery times
  • We minimise risks
  • We simplify supply management for our customers

From start to finish

Sakana Group has all the companies necessary to offer a comprehensive service, ensuring you will have a single point of contact throughout the entire process. All you have to do is tell us when and where in Europe or around the world you wish to receive your order.


Sakana Foundry has two plants: one specialising exclusively in the wind sector, and another dedicated to parts with high technological or geometric requirements.


Sakana Machining is our machining company. We take on machining work for both prototypes and mass production for the wind power sector.


At Sakana Coating we treat and paint surfaces. We meet all needs or demands for anti-corrosive surface finishes for any type of part.


Once treated and finished, we oversee packaging to ensure parts are ready for transport.


Whether by road or sea, Sakana Logistics will make sure all parts arrive at their destination in a perfect condition and on time.